Providing Energy & Sustainability Advice for Grand Designs

eb7’s Energy and Sustainability team provided early stage design input for ID Architects on a Grand Designs family house in Lincolnshire.

Featured on the front cover of Grand Designs magazine this month, the project has been described as a ‘stunning example of a Paragraph 79 house’.

eb7’s expert advice included SAP calculations, air tests and EPCs. Neil Ingham, Director of eb7’s Energy and Sustainability team, comments: “The project has been constructed beyond best practice thermal insulation levels. Not only does good insulation assist in reducing heat losses in the winter, it has a significant impact on preventing heat travelling through the build fabric during the summer.

“Following the principles of passive design, the dwelling has been specifically orientated to the west, with principle living areas able to harvest significant afternoon solar gain throughout the year, whilst protecting the accommodation from early and mid-morning solar gain.”

The bedroom areas within the stunning property have much reduced glazed areas – reducing the potential for heat loss through these elements and maintaining a more comfortable environment.

A large green and biodiverse roof has also been installed to aid local evaporative cooling and the dwelling makes extensive use of thermal mass; heavy weight slab floors, roofs and block walls.

Neil explains: “This thermal mass is a very significant contributor to passive solar design; during the day, the sun’s heat energy that is absorbed will slowly spread (conductivity) through the mass and thereafter released throughout the evening during winter, or purged through the summer.”

Read the grand designs article here

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